Sunday Volunteers 14 Oct

Well a very small turn out this Sunday… after the crowds of people attending the Sunday ‘Festival of Joy’ last weekend it was all very quiet in the garden. Here in the first pic Edwina is very carefully weeding the brassica bed which is full of various naturally reseeded tiny italian and russian kales, mibuna, mizuna and other random interesting regrowth.

On Friday (12 Oct) there had been a huge sudden cold change in weather and we got a flash snow storm right through the mountains carpeting the upper mountains in 2-10cm of fluffy snow for the day. The few days before we were getting to 25c. It really has been a crazy spring this year.

But it was bright,sunny and warm on Sunday We did some talking and some weeding and planting.

There was really only some damage to the Broad beans that had been crushed and bent over by the snow fall. Otherwise things look pretty much ok.

The quick pick gardens are seeding atm and a few new plants are coming on. They will need a clean up for summer in a few weeks.

We planted quite a few new small herbs like mints, marjoram  and the like into the beds around the central garden area and we also planted a bunch more potatoes into our latest cleared area under straw. They are Royal Blue and Eureka both very good multi-purpose yellow flesh (both fantastic for my favourite fluffy wedges) and we also threw in a few Bianca which is a nice round shape and has a nice smooth white flesh ideal for baking, roasting or mashing.

You can see Jed crouching near the compost bin… pre potato planting…

A few locals wandered through (adults, children, dogs) to enjoy the scene and we had a great relaxing time as usual. Thanks to all those who turned up to help out 🙂


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