Sunday Volunteers 21 Oct

It was a beautiful sunny day in the gardens today. The planting beds and trees are looking green and lush with a lot of blossom still hanging on to the trees; with herbs and vegetables likewise in flower. We talked and did some relaxed cleaning up around the garden beds. This included a little weeding but mainly focussed on cleaning up the main Raspberry bed and getting it ready for netting.

Ann continued the work on repairing the central mosaic statue that was started at the Festival of Joy. This has been a bit neglected for the last few years and it’s good to see it looking more colourful again.

The peas, snow peas and broad beans are thriving and – despite being plastered by the 10cm snow fall a week ago – are all producing good amounts of pods. The climbing beans will also hopefully get a good run this year. They are starting to climb now.

The crazy changes in weather continue (27c one day – snow and wind the next) but we have learnt to carry on regardless… and the plants don’t seem to mind much.

Thanks to all those who turned up to help and see you again next week 🙂


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