Sunday Volunteers 28 Oct

A cool but still sunny day at the gardens today, and not a lot of people…  a few regulars are away and there have been a lot of community activities and events on recently so maybe people are just staying at home to rest. Our lead snap today is of Michael and Ann working away on repairing our central ‘white lady’ mosaic sculpture. They have been putting in a lot of quiet hours over the last week or so filling all the gaps and holes that have accumulated over time or that were never filled. Other people have also contributed various patterns and shapes. It’s looking great!

First up though the rest of us collected a lot of the available green ripe seed pods to dry off in the shed for a while and allow for replanting of some parts of the garden beds. This is a pile of tied up bunches of Mibuna, Mizuna, Komatsuna, Rocket (Arugula), Tatsoi and Choy sum sitting in the shed under cover.

Then we planted out a small collection of interesting tomato plants. These are a mixture of heritage varieties that are all indeterminate – (meaning they keep on growing and fruiting like a vine till they reach the end of their life by frost, damage or other sad ending) so we deep planted them (about 30cm down) next to some large posts and plan to wire them all up together (the posts) with mesh later for better lateral growth and support for the expected long heavy crop of tomatoes.

Then we talked, watered (thanks to Jed for carting watering containers again) and tended various parts of the gardens and tasted and harvested a few nice peas, snow peas, baby broad beans and other greens… And then we all went home happy 🙂

Thanks to all those who turned up to help.


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