Cob Oven rebuild workshop

Just a quick reminder that we have started the process of rebuilding the cob oven at the community gardens. We are using a fairly classic range of materials and methods to reconstruct the oven. It will be built simply with a brick base and cob oven structure (which is a mixture of clay, sand and some additional organic binding material) with a chimney and door to the front of the oven forming a reliable fire chamber. The building process will need some time in between some stages for things to settle or dry so we are not risking anything by constructing it too fast. This means we will proceed over several weekend Sunday volunteer sessions. The first session will be building the brick base. The second session will be forming the main oven and fire chambers. The third session will be emptying it of the construction sand etc and firing it up to cook something. 🙂

We started at the Friday volunteer session by roughly sizing up the materials after they were delivered and making sure we have them all ready to go.

In the snaps you can see Fred quickly trimming some of the base platform bricks to make sure we have enough of them fitting the existing pedestal that was left from the old version. These bricks form the main part of heat sink at the base of the oven to collect and distribute heat along with the clay walls when it’s running.


On this coming Sunday we will be starting around 11am to make up the refractory clay mix to hold the bricks in place and lay them out level. The following Sunday we will be building the main oven. And the third Sunday we will be unveiling it and firing it up to cook! Yum!

Please drop into any of the sessions to see how things are done or if you want to – help out in the building process. There is no obligation to do anything but It’s a great thing to learn how to do. And there are lots of small tricks that make them work better that you can only really learn while helping or watching it being put together.

Hope to see you there 🙂




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