Sunday volunteers Dec 2 – clay oven stage 4


Well this last week has seen a crazy series of rain storms and steaming heat waves in the mountains and Sydney in general but Sunday was clear and bright and calm today. We did some garden maintenance and cleared some beds ready for new planting; Jason demonstrated inoculation of Shitake spore into wood logs; and we worked on the last stage of the clay oven.

The last part of building the clay oven (stage 4) was basically removing the sand that was used to form the internal oven structure to form the clay around, and then lighting a small fire to start the drying process from the inside of the oven. This was done by carefully removing the ply template holding the sand into the mouth of the oven and excavating slowly till the main separating layer of newspaper was visible. Some sand was left to excavate at a later date. It is quite hard to reach by hand the back and upper layers of the main oven chamber.




Thanks to all those who came today to help and chat etc. 🙂

There will be a break and no Sunday session next week (Dec 9) but we will be back to normal on Sunday Dec 16.


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