Sunday volunteers Dec 16


Summer is coming on and it was another great mountains day for gardening… here some of us are weeding and tending the herb garden ready for more planting.

It has been two weeks since our last sunday volunteer session but things have been happening in the meantime. On Saturday we had the first full fire up of the clay oven to cook pizzas for ‘ancient’ Jeds birthday and that was a lot of fun. There had been a little damage to front of the clay oven chimney area by some one moving through the park during the previous week – but it did not affect the firing up significantly and it should be fairly easily repaired during the week.

pizza1 pizza2 pizza3

We just did some of the usual activities and maintenance needed.

Jason inoculated more logs with shitake mushroom spore.


We dug over two of the quick pick gardens near the carpark and replanted them with bush beans and various types of summer (warm growing) spinach and beets.


Then we put some basic netting over the raspberry patch to keep the bird attacks down a bit. We left it open for picking access and it obviously wont stop all the bird activity – but it will hopefully slow it down a bit.


Ann, Ishtar and a few others continued the slow repair of the mosaic sculptures.


Some other locals were setting up for the day to cook a meal/feast and we helped fire up the clay oven again for them and they dug a large hole to prepare for a Hangi. (Hangi being a traditional Maori in ground cooking method –āngi ). It was looking like a nice day for it when the volunteers left and they were firing that up as well.




Then we all moved down to work on the Herb garden and surrounds to remove unwanted weedy growth and prepare for more summer herb planting.

Thanks to all who turned up today to help and chat!

Sunday volunteer sessions will continue as usual throughout the holiday period.  Feel free to drop by and have a look around.


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