Volunteers 23 Dec


A hot day for work in the sun for our volunteer session today.

After starting by checking on growing progress and watering etc we then cleaned up the prepped beds in our main vegetable garden and planted out a lot of Bush beans. The time  is right and the beans we put in to the raised gardens near the car park last week are already  putting in solid growth after only 7 days.


Next we moved about 16 barrow loads of compost and soil on to our enlarged squash bed. This was laid on top of a layer Lucerne, which was sitting on top of a bed of aged wood chip and compost etc that had been there for a few weeks. It should be ready to really move the squash and pumpkins along over the next few months. Even though the growing conditions are great this year, we often plant these later in the mountains than most would in the greater Sydney region and it is still about when we would usually plant them.


Then we moved to work on the new beds we are developing on the north end swales. We cleared the basic bed space and laid out a layer of lucerne to help get the soil ready to turn over and plant out over the next few weeks in summer.


We will be setting up and tensioning the trellis work wire next week and starting to work on   planting.


Jason was inoculating more logs with mushroom spore… we expect lots to be popping in a few months all over the gardens.

Thanks to all those who came to help out or chat! 🙂

Sunday sessions and general maintenance work will continue all through summer – although we will be starting earlier for a few weeks at 9am to get work done before the heat kicks in. It was getting pretty hot and uncomfortable to work in the open areas by the time we packed up and left at 12 today.


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