Sunday volunteers 30 Dec


A small but quality crop of Parsnips from the quickpick gardens near the car park!

And a small but quality turn out for the last session of 2012. 🙂

The weather has been mostly kind but today was bit blah with a solid fine rain  mist for much of the morning. Today we setup, threaded and tensioned the wiring for our new trellis on the swales at the north end of the gardens.


We also checked out the (still) experimental citrus plantings on the swales and removed the protective hessian and posts. We have had quite a significant war of attrition going on over the last 18 months trying to get the citrus growing in that area. The combination of frosts, snow, high dessicating heat waves and high wind and only natural rainfall water supply has taken it’s toll. We will need to wait for more surrounding vegetation to establish and create a better micro climate before planting out more.

Here’s Jed practicing his spartan javelin throw while clearing the stakes… very satisfying physical activities to be had at the gardens…


We then did a lot of cleaning up of the main central vegetable planting beds ready to plant out next week with a new summer crop.  And we admired the growth…

Thanks to all who came today to help out.

See you in the new year!


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