New Year’s Eve Picnic and Labyrinth Walk

By Trish Watts
We arrived to Katoomba Community Gardens in the quiet of the evening, it was still and alive with light. 
It was New Years Eve, and a few of us, 9 in all plus 2 children, gathered for a humble, simple picnic and labyrinthwalk. 
We were clear about wanting to gather with friends, to share stories of the year, to let go all that no longer serves, and to focus on what is common and what unites us as human beings.
 Our picnic turned into a feast, as we unloaded the cars and walked down the path of apple trees. It smelt so sweet!
We placed candles around the mosaic labyrinth, sang songs of peace, and remembered the land we stood on, the first peoples and our ancestors. We gave thanks to those who have passed on the flame of life and love to us.
Walking in silence and song, some stood still and gazed at the stars, some swayed like the trees while the black cockatoos flew over, some sat in the centre and quietly wept, some wrapped their children up in blankets and snuck home, some held hands as they walked. 
With hands joined we finished with calling in our hopes for the new year, words like – ‘more simplicity, gratitude, fearless connecting, generosity, love’…came forth.
We felt connected to each other and to the whole world.
Hugging, we breathed, looked up to the sky and in gratitude, welcomed 2013!!!



One thought on “New Year’s Eve Picnic and Labyrinth Walk

  1. What a beautiful post. I really must get down to the community gardens – I’ve never been there. I spent the 21/12/12 doing a labyrinth walk on the central coast but had no idea there was one here. Thank you for the heads up!

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