Sunday volunteers 3 Feb



The crazy weather has continued… from an all time historic heat wave record of 40c+ degrees in Sydney (and most of Australia) with subsequent bush fire threats, to record rain falls and flooding. It has rained quite significantly the last two weekends in the mountains so not much has been done on the Sundays and the previous Sunday had been a gardens planning session. So it was interesting to check on progress and any issues. Someone has stolen our raspberry bird netting and the animals/birds have stripped the leaves off the entire main garden crop of bush beans but otherwise things have been growing ok.

A small turnout today so some of us focused on cleaning up the last months ferocious weed growth in the carpark gardens area and around the herb garden. In the quickpick raised beds we have a nice crop of bush beans coming up with a few silver beets and we planted out a small scatter crop of Royal Quinoa.

Next week we are moving back into rebuilding vegetable beds and planting out the mid summer crops.

We are moving back to starting at 10am on Sundays due to the more normal cooler weather. It was back down to 9 degrees c this morning at 9am – that heat wave did not seem to last long…








As usual – thanks to all those who came to help and chat!


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