Fruitful Friday

We’re all wide brim hatted and gloved up today as a scorching sun beams down on the gardens. Fred and Leon take their usually urbane pride in clearing up and ‘making the place look tidy’ which today also includes exposing some blackberries from under a pile of wood so they can be removed. We’re all finding new shoots around the gardens, as well as by the hazel bushes, Bindy encounters some suspicious sharp thorns while chopping and dropping abundant comfrey around the fruit trees.

Bindy finds some blackberry
This little blackberry doesn’t have a strong root system yet, so we’ll target that in the next few regular volunteer sessions for weeding. Most likely it established after a bird ate a berry somewhere nearby and pooped the seeds out from the comfortable perch of a nearby apple tree branch.

Ishta plants salvaged red Salvias in the flower garden and behind mints in by the tea shed.

Michael and Ishta serve up a refreshing tea and share sweet treats including a bowl of delicious sun warmed plums freshly fallen from the community gardens abundant trees. Our resident bird population make off with many of the fruit as they become ripe, but don’t quite get the lot 🙂

minty family
We’re delighted to welcome Anne, Sabrina and Oliver to the gardens today, first time visitors all, having moved interstate and getting to grips with gardening in rather different conditions up the mountain. We hope to see you at another session on Friday or Sunday soon.


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