Summarizing our Community Gardens Meeting on Sunday March 10th

words by Ishta Wildweed, images by Franklin Scarf

On Sunday March 10th 10-12pm …. a followup up to our previous two meetings for refocusing our priorities, gathering good ideas and intentions and best of all commitments. 16 enthusiasts attended; Jed gave a brief introduction to the now familiar processes including the poetic blossoming of ideas and Kat covered blossoming of ideas coming into reality (and goodwill). We began with some all important group agreements, such as not interrupting and being brief if possible, then checked in with one another around the circle, each sharing our connections and interests in the gardens. This led to increasing and general feeling of goodwill, ideals and enthusiasm. Later in the labyrinth now (to warm ourselves after the cool of the shed) having named ourselves ‘the core organising group’, we were then invited to circle specific areas of interest and if driven to start, people placed initials by that item. There was the visual wealth of inviting headings *workshops, education, sustainable local economy, garden space, fruit and veg production, organisation, sustainable infrastructure, love and consciousness raising, scheduled events and finally, conservation.

Under each heading a wealth of inviting prospects. Decisions, decisions!

Sue invited us to a left/right brain connecting process called “Wobbly Archer” – I’m sure it worked!

Each special interest and enthusiasm showed an obvious love of the gardens, gardening, community and bringing people together. Keeping the grass down, whether to extend the shed, definitely to get the toilet fixed, focus on renewable energy, possibly solar panels (hoping for a water-free loo) loving the labyrinth as a focus for sacred events and dancing, and whether to have a caged area so that some produce is always saved for those who put in the work (ie. a lot gets taken, trampled on or picked before it’s ready to harvest). All present valued the gardens as a place for visitors, families and children, special events and festivals and the fantastic opportunities abounding to garden and learn more and be a part of this fabulous Community Garden.
If you were unable to come on Sunday and would like a copy of the ideas and possibilities raised, or would like to join in this exciting next phase of development, leave a message here, or come along to a Friday or Sunday session.

Next special event is the BIG BLACKBERRY BASH, Friday 22nd March after lunch.


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