Sunday volunteers 31 March


The Easter long weekend gave us a sunny Sunday for gardening. A mob of regulars were there, along with some picnickers and other locals who dropped by to chat or walk their dogs etc.


This Sunday session we first worked on cleaning up the repairs on the clay oven and putting another layer of surface clay around the oven mouth and chimney on the reinforced metal mesh we inserted last week. Next week we will be firing it up again to help harden it off and then put an external ‘hard’ shell layer on the outside to hopefully reduce future damage as has happened to this last structure. It’s nice to use just the traditional techniques and materials, but we don’t have someone there all the time to fire it up to keep it ‘weather hardened’ and to keep an eye on it generally, so we need to take some steps to reduce the random damage by local vandals.

IMG_2529 IMG_2527

Then we set to cleaning up the central vegetable garden beds and getting them ready for the autumn vegetable planting. This involved removing the still growing ( but declining) tomato plants which gave us a bucket or so of seed fruit and some that people could take away.



Last week we worked on cleaning up and expanding the herb garden and swales areas.


The citrus growing in the swales have been an interesting experiment so far. They really do need more plant and landscape cover and soil building before adding to the collection though.IMG_2493

The pumpkins and squash this year have been having a hard time, but we are still getting some very nice zucchini and small pumpkin/squash from the bushes that have survived in the open.



Thanks to all those who came to help or just to chat with us and possibly see you next week. 🙂


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