Sunday volunteers April 7



It was an excellent dry and crisp yet still warm autumn day today in the community gardens. We had a number of new people drop by to help out and see what happens at the gardens and a small mob of regulars labouring. First off we started up the clay oven and a few people compulsively kneaded and flattened out the cracks that had formed on the new clay external layers.(a very satisfying and addictive activity)



There is still more repair work to do on it but it’s still firing up nicely. And despite a tense hour or so trying to the fire going and keep it up, by the end of the session we had enough heat and coals to cook some nice yeasted flat bread with rosemary embedded in it – all very tasty and eaten quickly… This will hopefully be a feature of the Sunday sessions for the next few months (unless its really wet). Two hours is just enough time to get enough heat up in the oven to cook something.

IMG_2582 IMG_2583


On the agenda today was also rebuilding some of the central beds and planting out some new winter crops. We put in one whole bed of Garlic of various sorts and a bed of Broad Beans. One bed was prepped for planting out next week. All of them had a light cover crop of Buckwheat seed sown on top to give us some nice fresh leaf matter to eat while the main crops grow on.





Then we all moved up to plant some more Black currants and Comfrey, weeded from the main garden area, into the edges of the herb garden. And then we were done…

As usual – thanks to all those who tuned up to help and chat and hopefully see you all again next week. 🙂



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