Unexpected Friday Friends

What a lovely Friday at the community gardens. On this slightly damp, cool and sunny morning I arrive a little before 10am and don’t expect to see a soul. Its the last Friday of the NSW school term and things have been fairly quiet of late on Fridays, and a number of regulars are away too. If I’m not expecting heaps of people I’ll get stuck in with the boring jobs, and begin with wiping the kitchen surfaces and sweep in the shed before opening up the three sets of unusual doors, each with its own special way of opening,  and this keeps the three spaces in this tiny shed independent. Some food has been left out from a previous session, resulting in rat poo everywhere on the benches, so on snap the rubber gloves to de-rat, and scrub surfaces clean. As this mucky job finishes I prepare to roll sleeves up for a trawl through the shadehouse for stuff we don’t need anymore before we relocate it. Since I think most of what’s in there is long past useful that’s not especially hard. Deep breath! And then Bente appears. A new and keen volunteer straight from New York brought all the way here by intuition, and she dives into clearing the weeds our precious relocated lemon tree. A solitary (and tiny) lemon proudly presents its citrusy green potential amongst a little flurry of flowers.

Not long later Ishta arrives, heads to the labyrinth for a walk before helping sort old tiles for mosaicing at a later date.  Before long half a dozen of us are busy with one thing and another, weeding planting chopping, and before I know it it’s time for morning tea. Lemon balm mint vietnamese mint makes a fine refreshing brew beneath the bluest of autum skies. We discover we’re all North Katoomba ladies, and so the morning gossip (about plants of course!) develops a special hyper local richness.

Weaving in and out of our conversations and activities today are preparations and ideas for upcoming Permaculture Day coming up on Sunday May 5th, which will now open at 11 with an Opening Ceremony at the Labyrinth, with Ishta Wildweed. I’m looking forward to it. More information as our schedule firms up at permacultureday.org

Particular thanks to Meredith, Ishta, Jenny, Beth, Lynn and Bente for your delightful North Katoomba company today.


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