Volunteers Sunday 28 April


Another brilliant autumn day in the Blue Mountains… Today we just did some relaxed maintenance work around the gardens – moving some more wood chip onto pathways, covering the central garden beds with some lucerne mulch, and reorganising various resource piles etc.

Quite a lot of the seeds we have planted over the last few weeks are starting to push up and it looks like we might get a few good plant growing weeks going into winter.

We also did some more repairs on the Clay oven by covering it with another insulating layer of clay and then a render layer to help harden it off to try and decrease random weather and human damage. Hopefully it will last a bit longer this way. The render was a mix of sand, cement and hydrated lime which will hopefully naturally bond ok with the clay layer underneath and harden off quickly to stop the weather and the especially heavy rain we get sometimes from eating away at the surface. And (yet again I use the word ‘hopefully’) maybe even stop people from hitting it with sticks and other random objects… Now it looks vaguely organic and fungal in form… but will work just the same.


We will complete the render and sealing of the base sometime  in the next few weeks after we have our open day next Sunday.

Thanks to all who came to help out and especially to Annie for bringing her tasty Buckwheat pancakes. (We couldn’t fire up the oven this Sunday while doing the repairs)



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