See you on Sunday May 5th for Permaculture Day

Make a Date with the Community Gardens Sunday May 5th from 11:00 – 3pm -Permaculture Day at North Katoomba Community Gardens, Harold Hodgson Park, Victoria St, Katoomba Entry by $5 donation and includes luscious lunchtime treats from our recently renovated woodfired oven (so we can buy some more fruits nuts and perennials to grow our food forest) There’s not just one but many gardens in Harold Hodgson reserve; an aboriginal garden, perennial flower garden, soup garden, heritage apple walk, the medieval village project, labyrinth and performance space as well as a dedicated childrens’ play area. A protected swamp, creek and bush areas undergoing regeneration all fit together in this ever evolving permaculture design.

11am Opening Ceremony at the Labyrinth  followed by Seeds and Seedlings Grow your own! Gardeners’ favorite annual and perennial herbs and vegetables available for sale or swaps, delicious varieties of locally growing open pollinated, heirloom, organic (and Mountain hardy!)

12:30 Walking Tour Join our very own Lloyd Sharp on this unique tour of annual and perennial delights, and find out just how our community gardens.

1pm – 2pm Slow Food Lunchtime treats around the woodfired oven and get to know Slow Food ways with Anne Elliott from Slow Food Blue Mountains.

2pm Discovering Soils Workshop –  Whether you’re growing carrots, coriander or caombolas, understanding how soils work will help your garden grow. Bring a sample from home to analyse on the day.


All day, every day – Pot Swappin’ Bring plant pots for Pot Swappin’ or donate old hand tools to Tool Shedding. The community gardeners put them all to work again and keeps them busy growing more plants. Don’t just throw these valuable items away, give yours a clean and bring them along.


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