Sunday volunteers May 12


A warm sunny day was up for our Sunday session this week. It was also ‘Mothers Day’ and we had a few mothers turn up and some obviously away and reclining in comfort (hopefully) at home 🙂

The focus was on weeding and rehabilitation of the raised metal ‘quick pick’ and ‘school’ gardens located near the carpark. All these beds were checked for soil  structure and we turned sections over and added about 3 bales of Lucerne to improve them. We also removed about 1 cubic metre of weedy buttercup and added a lot of wood mulch to these garden surrounds and edges. The recent very dry weather has been hard on the raised beds but they have still got good worm activity underneath the surface and seem to be building their soil well. They are not especially productive so far, but have been growing some good basic soil building crops such as legumes and potatoes… and what has been growing there has been heavily harvested and well used by locals.


We re-planted a nice small seed crop of purple congo potatoes ( this pic shows just a few of them). These are dark purple and up to about 20cm long and have a floury texture but keep their dark colour when cooked and are very entertaining to have in a meal. The school garden now has a healthy population of King Edward, Royal Blue and Kipfler potatoes despite quite a lot of them being randomly lifted by locals over late summer. They are coming into the main growing season again now and we have a lot of nice new shoots making their way through to the surface.


The beans and summer beet greens have been popular and we even have some seed forming on a few small flowering plants of Royal Quinoa (white) that we seeded in there only a few months ago. The raised beds will likely be fully planted out again next week.


After this we moved on and placed some more lucerne around the main central vegetable beds and then moved a few bales of straw up to the other end of the gardens and checked and briefly discussed what is happening with the swales, rounds and possible future plantings at the northern end.

Always good to see both new volunteers and regulars turn up to help out!

Thanks to all who came for the session. 🙂


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