Sunday volunteers May 19

IMG_2871It was a bright and sparkling autumn day at the gardens today… you can feel the winter cold starting to creep in to the mountains during the day but there is still some sunshine to be had out in the open – and its warm if you stand still next to a wall… 😛

Today the focus was on clearing out and cleaning up the ‘cut flower’ garden which involved removing dead and dying growth from the salvias, tree dahlias etc and a huge amount of rose over growth which was quite a savage thing to interact with. There are lots of interesting plants underneath that have been hidden during the summer like various bulbs and iris and it will hopefully be looking good again in the late winter and spring with flowers blooming.

There was some checking and watering to be done as well in the main central vegetable beds where the seeds and seedlings planted over the last few weeks are finally coming up to speed… ( ie above ground and mulch level)

Then we moved on to the northern swales area with the rounds and planted some hardy Feijoas to replace some of the sadly deceased citrus. It is a pretty harsh environment and we are looking at growing a wider range of fruit trees and bushes in that area as the combination of wind and cold has taken a severe toll on the attempts so far to plant it out. There are lots of options for cold and wind hardy fruit trees we can put in till we get a suitable protected environment built up to attempt to plant citrus out there. It has been an interesting experiment so far but costly in terms of loss of citrus. The local soil in the rounds is starting to look pretty good after just on 18 months of cultivation and preparation with lots of Lucerne and straw etc.



Thanks to all who came today and see you next week. 🙂



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