Beneficial Connections

Cold wind and rain didn’t stop us planting of some Siberian Kale (thanks to Josie for those!) in some spaces left in a garden bed otherwise filled with Silverbeet today.


It’s been a busy winter so far, organising new tools, finding new folks and local gardeners all finding our feet together. We have been very lucky to have Bente and Lynn arrive, full of great ideas energy and enthusiasm for the big picture, as well as attending to the gardens, shed’s and gardeners’ details. Weeds watch out when Bente arrives with a homi on a mission.

IMG_0792We’ve been looking forward to a visit from Rosa Del Ponte from Earth Recovery. This marvellous organisation collects food which would otherwise go to waste but which is still perfectly good to eat, and prepares meals for the stupendous community kitchen feeding 40-50 local people hearty nutritious meals every Sunday.

It’s taken some time to get together, and it turns out to have been well worth the wait. In a short conversation as wide as an ocean and sparky as Catherine Wheels, the little shed is ablaze with the magic of new ideas forming between us. We do eventually settle down and quickly identify a few mini projects which The Community Gardens and Earth Recovery can get to work on together straight away. We begin at the back door, and at the beginning of course with Compost! Here’s Lynn and Bente handing over a couple of buckets, which will be put to work collecting food scraps from preparation of food for the Sunday Community Lunch at the Civic Centre and deposited (thank you very much!) into one of our compost bins.

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2 thoughts on “Beneficial Connections

  1. Hi there,
    We have just moved to Katoomba and visited your wonderful garden last weekend. I am wondering whether you will have any plants for sale soon- in particular, I am looking for Comfrey and Nettles (not sure whether you grow Nettles?)
    Thanking you,

    • Hi Nathalie, the gardens does not have any nettles to share, but we can help with comfrey. Are you able to come on a Friday morning? Kat

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