Seedy Spring Weekend coming up! Maggie’s Seedling Sale AND Organic & Chem Free Seed & Seedling Swap

Spring is certainly in the air, and up first on Saturday 28th September, its Maggie’s annual seedling sale, down in her spot on Lovel Street on the border of Katoomba/Leura.


If you pick up the wrong variety of tomatoes on Saturday or went overboard with nettles or comfrey, or are just looking for something a little different, then head on down to Organic and Chem Free Seed and Seedling Swap… because as luck would have it, you can do that the very next day and still get planted up for Spring before the weekend is through, or just pick up a few spares to bring and swap if you have nothing else to trade… at…..

The very FIRST NEW SEASON MEETing of the Blue Mountains Organic & Chem Free Seed & Seedling Swap IS Sunday 29th Sept arrive 9.30am for a 10am start-11am finish.


This is a great opportunity for us to solve our own problem of limited availability for organic/ chem free seedling stock, to share our seed & excess seedlings, to get to know some fellow upper mountains gardeners & to create a flow with the wonderful organic community gardens too, we often have things they are giving away for gardens & we can also filter any of our own left over stock back to the garden too. WIN WIN all round!!

If its rotten weather we’ll swap in the car park from our car boots or if anyone wants to come earlier & put up a tarp that’s great too. Never mind the weather we’ll find a way 🙂

The meets will run from September to May, stopping only for winter. We’ll do the December/ Christmas meet as its a great time to keep planting & there’s often lots of us still around up here.

Bring an old blanket, hessian bag, baskets or boxes to put your swapping stock in/on so it is clear to others what stock you are swapping. Please also try to make it clear if your stock is organic or chem free, include seed & soil. You might write on the outside of the box, use iceblock sticks, a twig with a piece of paper like a flag.

Please only bring seed & seedlings from certified organic or open pollinated non hybrid seed, not treated with insecticides or chemicals. We are not wanting to support the use of treated seed/ seedlings & are aiming for as low/ no chemical as possible though we will all have variations of this.

HOW DOES IT WORK? When you arrive at 9.30am, set up your little area with stock to swap. Put a name tag on yourself & one on your swapping stock so people can match the 2 names up & approach you to swap with you if they like.

Then go & have a wander to see what everyone else is swapping & get an idea of who you might like to swap with.

When the swapping starts at 10am (sharp), if youve found something youd like to swap for, approach that person & ask if theyd like to check out your stock & swap you for something.

Make sure all swapping is done by 11am, then pack up, leave the gardens clean & head home for a day in the garden with your loot.
No money is to swap hands. Please be fair, considerate & honest.

For more details hints and tips to enjoy this swap, find out more on facebook 


2 thoughts on “Seedy Spring Weekend coming up! Maggie’s Seedling Sale AND Organic & Chem Free Seed & Seedling Swap

    • The blog post about these two events went up a couple of weeks ago, so if you are signed up to receive updates from this site (top right of the page) you would have heard about it well beforehand. Both events were advertised in various other networks and in the Gazette too. What went out on Friday was the Fruit and Nut Tree newsletter, which contained a reminder they were happening, perhaps this is what you’re referring to?

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