Come and make Christmas Cranes

Origami Crane

This week at the community gardens so much activity – half a dozen willing workers, some of us in the soup garden weeding and planting more seeds and poking in even more seedlings! Can we squeeze another couple of tomato plants in there? I reckon!

But it’s hot even in Katoomba today.. Not to fear there’s plenty of work to do in the shade (for some of us) includes tidying up the many many pots donated to us for recycling, as well as seedsaving. So if you are needing some pots, come and get them from our freshly organised Pot Swap Shelves. Just help yourself. And if you’re bringing some more down to us, please remember to wash them out first and leave them in a neat stack. Thanks!

We have lots of kale and yummy rocket growing in the gardens, and the recent hot dry weather has been fantastic to dry off the many seed heads we collected a couple of months ago. Today we shake dried heads and sieve seeds and collect a whole heap together, more than we can use ourselves. So in true community spirit we’re going to give them away to our friends, delivered inside origami Cranes. If you come along next Friday, 20th December at 10:30am join us in making 100 special Christmas Cranes. If you’ve never made an origami crane, we’ll help you get started. And to get a hint, here are some basic instructions, and some more here with nice photos of each step…..

Thanks to Mr T on Flickr for this very Christmassy Crane picture.


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