Productive Gardening Friday 7 Feb


Lettuces surviving a hot day. 

Such a flurry of activity in the gardens today. We begin at 9:30, at which point Fred Leon and Michael are already working away on the endless mowing and creek work by which our unsung heroes keep the broader landscape beautiful. I hate asking them to stop the practical work they love, but I must! But why?

Well, the original lease which was signed back in 1997 giving the Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardeners (Inc) lapsed ‘quite’ some time ago, and now, its apparently time to sign a new one. This would be fine, except that the original group who incorporated and signed the lease no longer exist, and decisions in the meantime have been resolutely not to incorporate, following more positive experiences in a more free flowing form. The philosophy is perhaps a stand, in this world of organising everything and insuring everything, to say that perhaps we might just be here, and do what should be done.

So for beginning community gardeners, know that it doesn’t necessarily get any more straightforward after nearly 20 years.

After some careful deliberation over a cup of tea and mosquito bites, our group, being a pragmatic lot, come to a decision that if there is a local entity which would consider auspicing gardeners’ activities, providing public liability insurance and signing a basic lease agreement to use the land much as we are doing now, that we might continue on fine just as we are.

A couple of local organisations seem like a good fit, so we’ll go ahead and ask them. We’ll let you know what happens.

And then we go back to planting broccoli, bok choy and lettuces, harvesting zucchini for the Soul Food Kitchen, and talk about composting, transition towns, permaculture workshops, Bob Marley’s birthday and community dinners, before some more new visitors arrive….. More about that in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Annie, Lynn, Bente, Fred, Leon, Michael, Jed, Claudia, Rowe, Ishta, and Mali.

Some of the harvest we’re sharing

zuccini Beans!


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