Much News: Friday 21st March

It has been a busy busy 7 days at the Community Gardens. I will share the short version with you.

Bi1WtQMCUAETwveWe have built a new garden with the help of material (see left) from the Blue Mountains Music Festival. This included 2 skips of compostables, 8 or so straw bales, 3 cubic meters of cow poo and 3 cubic meters of soil. Add 12 volunteers, 3 days, 3 thunderstorms, one mulcher, a large bag of broad beans, and quite a few gardening implements and you can begin to see the picture.

The other things that happen every week also continue to happen, seeds planted, tea drunk, cakes eaten, weeds pulled, cut down, creek banks widened, paths mowed and so on.


Claudia, Ben and I also continued weaving a new form which will be part of several structures to make a playscape, to one side of the labyrinth. If you’d like to join in with this weaving project, please come along on Monday morning, or next Friday morning.

This week’s elevenses were host to discussions about a lease, about boundaries and responsibilities and continuing to build a resilient wonderful community garden at Harold Hodgson park. Our next step is to review the conditions of the lease and present back to council. I’ll post a bit more about this soon.

leQuickly elevenses turned into LUNCH, a warming laksa style soup made by Lynn with fresh garden ingredients, as well as a little help from the wonderful women behind the and the Laughing Elephant in Wentworth Falls. Their generous donation of Asian grocery ingredients this week will help make warming spicy lunches and jasmine tea for community gardeners some time to come. Thanks Wendy and Mirella!



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