Workshop: Learn to identify native bees: Update 28th November


Please note that This workshop will now run on November 28th

You’re invited to the next Bee Aware workshop – this will be a hands-on session in which you’ll learn to capture, chill, photograph and identify native bees.

If you’d like to participate in the session please come along. If you have
any equipment such as a camera, wide mouthed jar with lid (clean and label
removed), an insect net and magnifying glass (yes some kids have them.
Especially big kids like me), cold brick (as in those used in eskies). The
more equipment we have the more likely you will be to see and learn stuff!

If you are interested in connecting up with others in this project head to the Bee Aware of Your Native Bees Facebook group. It’s a closed group, so just request to join and Megan will add you to the group.


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