Coming up Friday 13th March


Broad Beans and winter root veges are in.

10:30 – 1:00pm Permaculture in Action this week: There’s lots to do,so we’ll just do a little of each thing to keep them ticking along.

Starting from the centre (Zone 0): I’ve made a new wall rack for more than 20 garden tools, so I hope to put that up to make that area a bit more functional. Let’s also prepare some soup for lunch.

In the kitchen garden (Zone 1): Broad Beans and winter root vegetable seeds are in. They probably need a sprinkle of water. Mulching bare spots. Weeding some Oxalis in preparation to sow some green manure next week. Picking raspberries while observing and deciding what needs to be done next.

In the orchard (Zone 3): It is time to harvest ripe fruit, prune the stone fruit trees while they still have some time to heal before winter and to stack the pruned branches. It is also time to rake fruit away from under the trees to reduce disease next year.


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