Autumn Equinox: Friday 20th March

Update from Friday 13th March

The tool rack, the tidying, the soup and rice balls, the raking, the socialising, and preparing the next garden bed were all a huge success! Then we got a surprise! Many of the winter root vegetables had already emerged after just one week, so we netted over them as well.

Coming up Friday 20th March: 10:30 – 1:00pm

Central Buildings (Zone 0): Biodynamics Discussion, More soup making – please bring something for the pot; Tidying and preparing the Education Space; Tidying the plant-pot swapping area.

In the kitchen Garden (Zone 1): Sowing some late winter brassicas into seed trays and placing them near some thermal mass to keep them moving. Sowing some leafy greens and green manures in the garden. Sowing some Lucern (Alfalfa) to grow our own mulch. Mulching bare spots.

In the managed orchard (Zone 2): Picking raspberries, harvest ripe fruit and remove damaged fruit, prune the stone fruit trees while they still have some time to heal before winter and to stack the pruned branches. Continue to rake fruit away from under the trees to reduce disease next year.

All are welcome to attend these volunteer sessions. All we ask is that you are responsible for your self-care, and mindful to care for the Earth and other people.

When and where: IMG_3015 Every Friday from 10:30am – 1:00pm. Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens Harold Hodgson Park, North Katoomba.

What to bring: Your own skills and experience, personal protection equipment such as gloves, hat and other sun protection, eye protection, gardening boots, water and a beanie/jacket if wet. Optional: A notebook and pen, some food to share.

Contact: Rob Lawrence
Mob: 0428 541 056  


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