Equinox Gardening


Today’s session is filled with energy! We begin with lunch in mind. Cathie and Kat chop a variety of mostly home grown vegetables. Once the soup is simmering, we make quick work of a pot of genmai-cha tea and bliss balls (thanks Cathie). Fred recounts the recent solar flare activity, and Cathie leads a mini workshop and knowledge sharing session on Biodynamics. Biodynamically grown produce is very high quality and nutritionally superb. To find out more about this fascinating practice explore Oregon Biodynamics’ great resources & education pages.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a big work day at the gardens. With Eric and a substantial crew moving rocks to the willow at the northern end of the gardens as part of the creek restoration work. We’ll post video of the wonderful progress they made soon.

After tea, the work begins. Satoko and Aki join us, gardeners who we chatted with about growing Japanese vegetables some weeks ago; there’s a critical mass of Japanese food lovers here now. We get to work listing Japanese vegetables we would like to grow here, and select those which can go in now. Aki came prepared, and brought along a Shiso plant from her garden, and I have some Mizuna seeds handy. We start by looking at suitable locations for Shiso, Mizuna, Daikon and Gobo (Burdock).

After a delicious soup break, in goes the Shiso. So does a green manure patch. Peaches are gathered, the pots area is tidied. Everyone seems to find a job, make room to chat, share and plan what is coming up next week and beyond. Can hardly wait!


See you next week, Kat & Rob.


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