Coming Up Friday 27/3/15

This week for sale (by donation): Walnut Seedlings, Comfrey Plants:

Comfrey is one of nature’s wonder herbs: It is full of nutrients and breaks down easily; chickens love it; it helps the body heal; shades the soil; moderates temperature and humidity and acts as a barrier to grass. It grows readily from even the smallest piece of root, but it doesn’t spread very much if you do not dig near it. The roots can go down several feet. It can serve well as a border between your lawn and your orchard or chook run.  Harvest the leaves regularly, even to the ground. Ref:

BMOCG supports the gift economy, so we accept donations of time, energy, skills and at the moment we are also are looking for clean bales of straw for mulch, clean potting mix (or potting mix ingredients), some bentonite clay and a massive whiteboard.

Permaculture In Action Every Friday from 10:30am – 1:00pm.

Buildings (Zone 0): Making a yummy soup; Drinking tea; Discussion – “Obtaining a Yield”; Finish cleaning up the Garden pot-swapping area ; Making the space more habitable.

In the kitchen Garden (Zone 1): Sowing Mizuna, Planting Gobo (Burdock); Potting up Comfrey to distribute to the community (and get rid of pots).

In the managed orchard (Zone 2): Picking raspberries, harvesting ripe fruit; removing damaged fruit. Continuing to rake fruit from under the trees.

Seasonal Harvest: Potatoes,  Jerusalem Artichokes, Sweet Chestnuts and Black Walnuts

All are welcome to attend the volunteer sessions: All we ask is that you are responsible for your self-care, and mindful to care for the Earth and other people.

What to bring: Your own skills and experience, personal protection equipment such as gloves, hat and other sun protection, eye protection, gardening boots, water and a beanie/jacket if wet. Optional: A notebook and pen, some food to add to the soup.

Contact: Rob Lawrence
Mob: 0428 541 056


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