Friday Update – Permaculture in Action…

IMG_3111Working in the gardens feels like standing on the shoulders of giants. We are doing our best to honour those who have come before and to use permaculture ethics and principles to build and support the gardens as a true community asset, now and for the future. So we look at food, water, education, shelter, skill-sharing, social permaculture, inspiration. We build resilience and self-reliance with these activities in the community and create real value beyond the money economy.

This Friday we talked about sharing all kinds of skills and about setting up the space to accommodate activities like food preparation and preservation.  Charlie and Satako added Gobo (Burdock) and Rob added Mizuna to the kitchen garden. Cathie, Harumi and Aki did an awesome clean up of the pots and cardboard. Harumi and Cathie fed us all a lovely soup and then served up stewed fruit for dessert! Sue harvested and processed Chestnuts and Walnuts and Kat harvested and washed some Jerusalem Artichokes for sale to raise funds for the gardens and create more abundance!

IMG_3135 Thank you all for your wonderful commitment to the garden and for providing great inspiration!

New volunteers are always welcome. Fridays 10:30am – 1:00pm.

Hope to see you all on Good Friday – next week!


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