Lismore Community Gardens, PIA and International Permaculture Day Picnic

IMG_3148Recently I visited Lismore Community Gardens. Both the treasurer and the secretary were there and they gave me a rundown of their history and how they are connecting with community. I was inspired by their heart of operations. It collects and stores nutrients (composting toilet and composting bins), energy (solar), water, work (people) and provides weather protection.


Last Friday saw some new faces in the garden, and new inspiration. We had an impromptu edible weeds session while we picked some vegetables, and all the soup came from that. New volley Haley picked some raspberries and then let the adults put in a sign for a Children’s Garden, where next week will go some strawberries.

IMG_3296Permaculture in Action: There is so much to do! There will be something happening, every Friday from 10:00am – 2:00pm all through the Winter. Keep watching this space and the blackboard when at the gardens.

This week: we will make soup from the garden, salt some Saffron Milk Caps (print the recipe from, plant some strawberries, and if we have time, build a cloche for winter seedlings. The following week we will make and apply some biodynamic tree paste and begin pruning again with the descending moon.

Notice: Please come to the Annual International Permaculture Day Picnic, Sat 2nd May, 12:00pm – 3:00pm to connect in to all things Permaculture in the Blue Mountains. Please bring a plate to share, $5 donation and if you have some surplus produce or preserves bring some to share or swap. Details at



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