picnic cancelled

With big sighs we decided to cancel the permie picnic at the community gardens today.

We held on as long as there was a glimmer of a smidgen of a tiny hope that we would see patches where it didn’t rain this afternoon.

Around 9am Rob and I checked BOM, discussed again, and made the call. After updating a few social media spots and calling our volunteers, I dashed down to the gardens to write a notice on the board, for anyone not picking up the message online.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 12.31.34 pm

I was surprised to find Michael already at the shed, having a cup of coffee, undaunted by the rain. From behind a folding umbrella, a visitor appeared at the doorway, ‘picnic?’ He asked? Meet Jeff Li, translator of an Introduction to Permaculture into Chinese. Alright!

Jeff & Kat
Not to be thwarted it seems, International Permaculture Day had its moment in the (metaphorical & image processed) sun!  Jeff kindly dropped a couple of copies of his book with us, so if you want to learn about permaculture in simplified Chinese, we have the book for you! Thanks Jeff!

Find out more about Jeff’s story at the Permaculture Research Institute.

See Jeff and you next Friday for some more beneficial connections.


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