Preserving Mushrooms and Gardening Update

Last week, it was all about mushrooms! A brief and enthusiastic conversation on identification and recipes led to an impromptu forage, further discussions on their functions in nature and the ‘Foragers’ Code:’ Only take what you need, leave some for others, and some for nature.

Lately I’ve been think how important it is to know how to preserve wild mushrooms, so I also did an informal demo on salting Lactarius deliciosus, (full recipe at the foragers’ network. Like most recipes, I substituted where I had to, so this time it meant in with herb-infused sea salt, cumin seeds and fenugreek leaves and out with the caraway seeds.


Activity in the gardens also went up a level last week, with new volunteer Amanda likely to be seen most days in the garden from now on on ongoing projects. So if you see her lopping Privet or clearing weeds from the creek, feel free to say hello.  Amanda has also brought in a couple of new varieties of strawberries to plant out.

This Friday we’ll be making and applying some biodynamic tree paste, applying some potash and do a bit of pruning. Please contact me if you have some fresh organic cow manure to share.

It’s all happening, so come along – Permaculture in Action, Hodgson Park, every Friday from 10:30am to 1pm! Sign up on our meetup page if you’re thinking about coming along then we’ll let you know about any last-minute changes in plan (due to inclement weather etc)


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