Playing cubby houses in the winter cold!

Action in the community garden as been continuing every Friday throughout Autumn and Winter. The creek restoration team are continuing to widen and grade the slope of the creek by hand as part of the long-term creek restoration safety and flood protection project. They are also clearing the blackberry and other weeds simply, effectively and without any sprays or waste, processing all the nutrients on-site. Regular volunteer Amanda has also begun a bush care program on the East bank using the same methods. This is very important work as we wish to eliminate any possibility of the area being sprayed.

In the meantime, more volunteers have been running a program of harvesting, sowing, pruning, weeding and planting in the food garden and orchard, while also taking the time to tidy, maintain and bring new life to the kitchen and workshop area. On Friday 19th June, Kat kicked things off by getting straight into a long-overdue massive kitchen clean-up and everything just flowed on from there. Rowe Morrow, visiting permie Cecilia Macaulay, Rob and new gardener Juli took a considered stroll among the heritage trees and then got on some winter tasks. We got some gardening done, swapped gardening tips, and permie tips as well.

Meanwhile, Harumi and Cathie rolled up their sleeves to help Kat and were soon joined by Cecilia. It was all very dynamic, with people shifting roles to help each other achieve several jobs at once!

Then it was time for a shared soup from the garden and a convivial chat, followed by another flurry of activity in the kitchen. The clean-up had evolved into a de-clutter, then it transformed into a permaculture workshop on kitchen design for function and beauty!

Cecilia shared her emphasis on effectiveness, trust in communication and in making the time to create beautiful things in common spaces. She also gave us some valuable ideas about using permaculture zoning to manage energy flow in interior spaces. You can find out more about her work at Thank you Cathie for your wonderful organising skills and generosity in facilitating Cecilia’s visit!

Every week something new is happening at the gardens. Sign up to the Permaculture Blue Mountains Meetup Group to know more and come to the gardens on Fridays 10:30am-1pm to learn, meet, make friends and share! Find out more about Permaculture Blue Mountains at

Warmly, Rob.


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