Spring is in the air!

Mizuna and new seeds near the kitchen door.

Mizuna and new seeds near the kitchen door.

Though the blog has been quiet over Winter, volunteers have been steadily working in the gardens all through the cooler months, doing garden maintenance, cleaning up and organising the kitchen, continuing with the creek restoration and flood protection and practicing our gardening skills. Also going on in the gardens is a noxious weed removal program being run by Amanda, completely spray free and 100% carbon neutral – All the weeds are processed on site, with all their nutrients being buried in Hugel beds.

New Hazels are in!

New Hazels are in!

Over the past few weeks, we prepared two new garden beds and are using them as a seed-raising area as well. We also constructed some seed propagation boxes and sown them as well, transplanting the first Mizuna of the season last Friday. Also to go in the gardens last week were some small Hazels donated some time ago by Cathie and some Yellow Raspberry canes from Kat. As the Community Gardens have no regular source of income, we’ve even potted up a few plants for sale on Fridays by donation!

With so much going on and so much to do, learn, share and enjoy, new volunteers are always welcome! For more information, go to next week’s Meetup page.


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