From Fork to Fork

food from June 24thThe Blog has been quiet for a while, but the community garden has been full of action!

We were recently invited to cater for a human rights for LGBTIQ event organised by the Elizabeth Evatt Legal Centre and the Katoomba Neighbourhood Center (KNC). This was a particularly exciting opportunity as we have some amazing chefs who are volunteering with us at the moment (one of which-Kim- you may find cooking up a storm outside the coop on a regular basis!) It was a wonderful experience creating meals around what we are growing in the community garden and providing local, fresh and delicious food to such satisfied customers.
The profits from this catering will go towards the garden, and what’s more it looks like it may be the beginning of a delicious relationship between the community garden and the KNC as we have been invited to come back for catering in the future!

Autumn has passed quickly, the leaves have fallen and the Winter sun is filtering through the bare branches of the fruit trees, some of which have been pruned, ready for Spring flowering and fruiting.

After a long dry spell, the big rains have filled the creek with water. It looks amazing! Fred, Leon and Michael have been working on another pond up stream, including an island. We have had some ducks visiting, perhaps checking it out as a possible home? If you haven’t seen the creek restoration before, wander down now and check it out. It is impressive.

We have lots of Winter veg happening from broad beans, carrots, kale, salads, onions, garlic, broccoli, cabbage and peas, among others.

Working bees continue to be on Friday’s from 10am, with shared soup for lunch. Everyone is welcome to come along. See you there!


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