Suddenly Summer!

Today it was 24 degrees in Katoomba, suddenly it feels like summer!

We still haven’t had any significant rain and everything is very dry. At our working bee today we continued hand watering the veggie patch, the berries (there are buds coming!), and much of the orchard. There are flowers on our broad beans and the garlic is coming along nicely despite the dry weather.

We had lots of extra volunteers today, including a big mob of children. We worked on the veggie garden: weeding, composting and mulching, preparing for spring planting. We have six varieties of potatoes to plant and Verity has taken home some seeds to get some seed propagation happening.


We also prepared one of the beds for the Children’s Cottage who will be coming down regularly for a play and a bit of gardening as the weather warms up. They will also be installing a big box of garden and sand toys for community use near the sand pit.

Amanda kindly donated a bunch of flowers that she and Christian have planted around the shed for a bit of colour. We are all working at getting the gardens looking gorgeous for Festival of Joy (7th of October), our annual celebration of community, creativity and sustainability. (More details to come soon!)

Sarah also went to the Edible Garden Festival meeting, we will be part of this festival next year. Stay posted for more details about that too:)




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