Working Bee: September 29th

Wow that month went quickly! Anyone else think that time is speeding up?!

Spring is in full swing, and with it always comes lots of visitors to the gardens, coming along to enjoy the blossoms, the birds and the gentle sunlight. Today we had a lovely group from Morven Gardens Nursing Home in Leura. The group enjoyed a picnic in the sunny orchard and a wander on the labyrinth.

We have been pruning, mulching and tidying up- getting the gardens looking beautiful for Festival of Joy, our annual celebration of community, creativity and sustainability, happening on the 7th of October 11am- 5pm.

Today Maaike and Ishtar began weeding the medicinal herb garden, along with Olivana, a visiting student from UTS. Olivana will be visiting us a bit over the next month for a research project.


We tested our new hose, it reaches all the way to the end of the garden. And, yes, we have water in the north end! This is just a temporary solution while we finish off the shelter that Jed is building to collect water- when it rains (please rain!) We can also use it to fill the tanks when there is no rain, so we can irrigate the gardens from the tank using a gravity fed system eventually.

Verity planted out a bunch of seedlings- lettuces, rocket, radicchio, fennel, coriander and celery- into the veggie garden. We are looking forward to making some great salads for Festival of Joy featuring some of our yummy edible flowers, herbs and veggies. At the moment we are enjoying hearts-ease, borage, bean, rocket and mizuna flowers in our salads.

Every week we make a big pot of soup to share. This week Sarah harvested a bunch of IMG_1820stinging nettle to put in it. Nettle is a super nutritious plant (weed!) that can be used like spinach. It just needs to be blanched or cooked to get rid of the sting.  It is currently growing in our food forest under the heritage apple trees along with broad beans, strawberries, artichokes and bramble berries.


This week the apple trees are really showing off, their pink and white blooms are just divine. It makes a stroll though the garden heavenly! Come down and enjoy it while you can.



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