Waratahs and Rain!

Today it is raining! After months of serious dry we are receiving our first truly soaking rain. It feels magic.

This morning we got together with many of the other landcare groups in the Katoomba catchment for morning tea and a bird watching walk led by the incredible artist Fiona Lumsden  and Jill Dark. While we didn’t spot too many birds in the mist, we did hear a few, and found the waratahs on the bush corridor above the garden are in full, glorious bloom! Afterwards we headed to the National Parks office for morning tea and a chat about the fantastic work that all the different groups in the catchment have been doing.  The council and the local community have just received an award for their work on the waterways leading into Minnie Haha Falls. Big congrats to everyone involved!

In other news, Bunnings has kindly donated enough pipe and fittings to  get mains water into the north end of the garden for when our rain water tanks are empty. They also supplied some helping hands which made it light work. We are half way there. Thanks Bunnings!

We also are going to be a hub for the Edible Gardens Trail/Festival happening in March 2018! They still need edible gardens to join the trail, so if you have a garden that you would like to show off get in touch (the details are on the poster below).

Enjoy the rain while it lasts!
edible gardens festival flyer


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