Today we had a visit from the wonderful Lis Bastian from the Big Fix. If you haven’t heard of the Big Fix, check it out! They are a super inspiring media platform that delivers truly positive news about the big and small changes that are happening globally towards a more sustainable and peaceful world. The next paper issue of the Big Fix is going to be all about FOOD!!! Growing food, seed saving, food rescue and so on. Keep and eye out for it if you are local.

Fred has plumbed in our first tap heading north. We will have water there soon! Which is great news as Verity and I spent the morning sowing seeds (beans, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, pumpkins…) in the new garden beds. We also planted put some seedlings donated by Leon. The north end is where we will be moving most of our annual food production as now the rest of the garden is covered in lovely, lush, food forest shade.

Ishta was working on maintaining our soup garden. Currently we have growing here herbs, running leeks, artichokes, salad, kale, salsify, silverbeet, garlic, potatoes, peas and unfortunately a huge crop of broad beans that have been destroyed by aphids.

Amanda worked on the flower garden. Currently featuring the most beautiful cascades of roses and some stunning irises. It seems all that hard pruning does pay off on the roses.

Michael has started tackling the wildlife corridor on the eastern side of the garden, pulling out lots of cotoneaster, privet and some blackberry. If you are interested in how to identify invasive weeds around your garden check out this great resource. One of our neighbours also dropped in. He is concerned about council spraying weeds around his property. We are interested to find out about alternative methods to controlling noxious weeds. If you have some good information about this please send us an email or come down for a chat.

One of the best parts of the day is always sitting down for a bowl of veggie soup together and the interesting conversations that we always have. This week we were discussing the importance of belonging and how a sense of belonging brings a sense of responsibility. What do you think?

The gardens is truly stunning at the moment, so full of life! Please come down any time to enjoy the space, pick a few things to eat or come to our Friday working bee, 9am-1pm every week:)




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