As we approach the end of the year, there is still a small gang of keen gardeners working away in the garden!

Today was all about apples!!! The first early season apples are ripe enough to taste. Beauty of Bath and Bella Vista are two of the varieties we tried, crisp and juicy. The Bella Vista are the most beautiful luminous pale green, although apparently they do turn red. I doubt they will have a chance in our garden.

The Cockatoos and Rosellas have knocked most of the harvest to the ground, so if you are someone with animals who would like some fallen organic apples, grab a bucket and come collect some (from the ground only please)! We spent a fair amount of time collecting them for composting today, it would be great to see them used more efficiently (happy to exchange for a bag of animal manure:).

We also did the usual jobs, chopping and dropping comfrey around the fruit trees, stirring compost, sowing seeds, watering, making lunch, eating strawberries, mowing paths, drinking tea and working on the southern wildlife corridor. Amanda is also getting in among the fruit trees near the kids area, preparing to plant some flowers.

It has been such a beautiful year in the garden, we hope more people will come down and make it their garden in the new year as we continue to grow and flourish. You are always welcome!

Thank you to all the people who work, play, celebrate, share, eat, plant and relax in the community garden, you are what make it community. Also big thanks to all the other life we work with from the microorganisms in the soil to the bountiful fruit trees to the cheeky cockatoos (yes, even you apple thieves.) And with endless gratitude to this beautiful land we work on, the land of the Gundungurra and Darug people.

Happy new year and see you in the garden.


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