Friday Working Bee 2nd Feb


Wowee such a great working bee today! We made the most of the chilly weather (Autumn already??? surely not…) and got busy in the northern end of the gardens which is currently the sunny side.

Jed, Fred and Michael got up the beginnings of our northern water catching system! There is no life with out water and we can’t wait to be collecting ours from the rain.

The rest of us had a tree care morning, weeding, composting and mulching around the little fruit trees in the northern end. Some of the poor citrus and feijoa trees have been completely smothered by grass, so hopefully they are back with a fighting chance.

Plums and peaches are coming on now, along with raspberries, tomatoes, beans, corn, potatoes and zucchinis. Look how cute these baby zucchinis are, like little yellow pixies in among the leaves!


This Sunday is our Monthly weekend working bee. Hope to see you there, it should be a lovely day for gardening:)



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