Edible Gardens Festival

We are very excitedly getting ready for the inaugural Blue Mountains Edible Gardens Festival! The festival includes an Edible Gardens Trail that goes from Lapstone to Hartley. There are home gardens, commercial garden, verge gardens, school gardens and our favourite,  Community Gardens!!! We will be busy showing people around, drinking cups of tea and doing to odd spot of gardening all weekend from 10-4 both days. You can check out the trail map here: goo.gl/CWZP6F and buy tickets online from Lyttleton or in store at the Coop Little Shop among other places.

As part of the festival we are also hosting a Seed Saving Workshop and Seed Swap in collaboration with the Mid Mountains Seed Savers Network. This is just one of the great events happening, the will also be activities for children at Kindlehill School on Sunday Morning and a workshop at Lyttleton for those who want to get there own edible garden going.

We will also be at this great dinner and panel discussion on local food sovereignty featuring women who are making waves in the food system in the Blue Mountains. Seating is limited so jump on to the Lyttleton website and grab your ticket asap! http://www.lyttletonstores.com.au/edible-garden-festival/. You can read about it in the Gazette too: http://www.bluemountainsgazette.com.au/story/5246474/edible-garden-trail-just-the-ticket/

Its going to be a great weekend!!!



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