About us

Welcome to the Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens located at Harold Hodgson Park in the city of Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia.
Find us at Harold Hodgson Park, Katoomba. Use the Victoria Street entry to the carpark.

poster mapPublic Gardens Open Every Day!
Come and visit the gardens at any time.

From the carpark wind your way on foot to the west into the protected curving path of our Aboriginal Garden. Beside and west of the creek, bush regeneration is taking place. Further north, if you’re lucky you may meet some vikings! On the east of the creek, stroll through the heritage apple tree walk, pick raspberries, pick a lettuce leaf, draw the flowers or sit in the shade with a refreshing cup of mint tea! Pickers please take only what you need, and always leave some to share with others.

The Bush Tucker Garden
The Aboriginal Garden is growing native plants in a landscaped garden, including ponds and a wonderful outdoor meeting space, is a project of the Aboriginal Resource Centre. This area is managed and maintained by Paul O’Reilly. (see map below) Find out more about this garden  at http://www.acrc.org.au

Weekly Activities

Permaculture In Action: Organic Gardening for Food Production
Every Friday from 9am – 1:00pm and First Sunday of the Month 10am – 2pm
Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens
Harold Hodgson Park, North Katoomba

All are welcome to attend these volunteer sessions. All we ask is that you are responsible for your self-care and are mindful to care for the Earth and for other people.

What to bring: Your own skills and experience, personal protection equipment such as gardening gloves, hat and other sun protection, eye protection, gardening boots, a bottle of water and a beanie/jacket if wet. Optional: A notebook and pen, some food to share.

Email  Sarah Daniel or call  on 0422 652 830

Creek Restoration
Adjacent to the fruit and veggie gardens is an important creek, volunteers Michael, Fred and Leon with a raft of other helpers at various times are working in conjunction with Blue Mountains City Council, under the direction of Eric Mahoney as part of a whole of catchment approach to restore and reinvigorate waterways in the Blue Mountains. Thousands of hours have gone into reshaping the banks of our unnamed creek in line with current practices, to slow water down, minimize erosion and reduce pollutants traveling down this creek-line down into National Park waters. If you’d like to find out more about this program, email Michaelbyrt[at]hotmail.com

The Vajra Lineage – House of the Diamond-Thunderbolt Vajrakan

Teaching The Bhoddisattva Protective Arts Taijutsu / Staves / Sword / & More

10th Dan GM Vajra Soma Aiki-Ninpo Taijutsu Priests Art
8th Dan GM Ninjutsu -8th Dan GM Iaijutsu/Iaido Sword
GM HaChiro Ryu -Sifu-Tai Chi / Qi Gung

CONTACT Morag on 0401829335
Find out more on Facebook-THE VAJRA LINEAGE / VAJRAKAN or email vajralineage@hotmail.com
Contact to find out about/join latest sessions
No Experience Needed, All Welcomed $15adult $10con First Lesson Free


And there are more activities at the community gardens, meet the groups…

Katoomba Creek Bushcare Group (KCBG) is an experienced group of Bush Care volunteers who work on the west of the site. To find out more, contact Bushcare Officer, Lyndal Sullivan at BMCC 4780 5623 or email lsullivan@bmcc.nsw.gov.au

To get involved in bush care where you live, work or play in the mountains, go to  http://www.bushcarebluemountains.org.au/

Iron Guard
Popular Medieval reenactment group Iron Guard have made their home on the north west side of the creek and meet for semi regular sessions often on Sundays. Find them also at IronFest every year, wearing chain-mail.

Seasonal Sacred Dancing on the Laybrinth
Join Ishta for a labyrinth walk and sacred dancing every full moon evening. Newcomers welcome: contact Ishta Wildweed on 4782 286 to join this group.


Bring Your Own If there’s an event or sessions you’d like to run at the Blue Mountains Community Gardens Email  Sarah Daniel or call  on 0422 652 830
North Katoomba Community Gardens: Overview


10 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello, I am a volunteer at the Penrith Disabilities Resource Centre (in Penrith), and part of our service is refering clients and their carers to social activities. I’m making an enquiry about accommodating patrons with disabilities at your garden.


    John Kassoutas (Information Officer).

  2. Hi There, I was wondering if you hire the gardens for weddings? A couple of our friends said to contact you?
    Hope to here from you
    Regards, Emma.

    • Yes Emma, we love celebrations of all kinds! There have been beautiful weddings at the gardens. Are you able to come by on a Friday morning when our volunteer group meets? or feel free to give me a call on 0424 563 654 – Kat

    • please feel free to invite everyone to visit 🙂 Our regular working bees are Friday mornings and the gardens are open 24/7 to all.

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  4. Hello,
    I live close by to the gardens and take lots of photos there. I thought you may be interested in using some of them on your blog? If you have an email address I could send you some to have a look at.

  5. Hello, I am just starting out on my Natural bee keeping journey with a Warre hive, I’ve noticed on your website a man by the name of Alain who keeps bees. So far he is the only one I know of up here in Katoomba keeping bees. I’m not a member of any bee association as yet as the closest one is Nepean which is in Emu Plains and I would prefer to be in touch with some up here. The bee swarming season is just beginning and I’ve just set up a bait hive. Is it possible for me to get in touch with Alain some how as I would really like to be in touch with someone who has experience. I would greatly appreciate it and thank you.
    Cheers Viviane

    • Hi Vivian
      Sounds good! Alain is an experienced beekeeper but not Warre. Maybe it’s time for a local beekeepers meetup again! Are you around on weekdays or just weekends? Kat

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