what we do

Our idea of the Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens are to:

Provide a showcase for sustainable community living, including:

  • Demonstration of a land management approach which encompasses
    • regenerative land management
    • sustainable integrated facilities for Gardening, Bushcare, Arts, Music, Performance, Sports, Recreation and  Community Celebration
  • Maintenance of inclusive, positive and supportive  gardens for individuals and groups to meet and connect with each other in a beautiful happy environment.
  • Provision of practical demonstration of Permaculture ethics and principles for sustainable community garden design.
  • Maintenance of a food forest including heritage variety fruits, perennial and native foods.
  • Creation and maintenance of a platform for education on community resilience and sustainable living in a world heritage area.
    • Promotion of sustainable living strategies and methods in the community.
    • Encouragement for everyone to get involved at their own level of ability and comfort zone.
    • Facilitation of outreach programmes to
      • help community groups and individuals establish productive gardens of their own and
      • connect positively and productively with the wider environment.
Do you agree?

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