Labyrinth Journey

My Journey to and through the Labyrinth

Inspired by visitations to the Katoomba Community Garden labyrinth

A reflective calm pervades my pace as I stroll this maze-like spiral, etched by a mosaic of tiles. I am drawn to the labyrinth when I yearn for direction. It offers me a space of connection and reflection; drawing me inward, outward, upward and downward. In its unfolding shape it reminds me that to go in, we need to go out-that to be central and centered we need to know periphery and be peripheral. It also tells me that although the path is long and lonely, in our spiralling we are stripping back the layers, we are both becoming and returning, to our selves. The coloured tiles sprinkled amidst the bricks are like rainbow grains of sand that allow a pattern to emerge and it is through recognising this pattern that our own knowing emerges. Perceiving the pattern is the method that we have of knowing the self, of knowing the other – of navigating our way through the labyrinth. Intuiting the pattern then directs our next step and we begin walking in rhythm with the emanating Om. I ponder life’s path as I place my sole upon this spiral. It prompts me to consider where I have been and where I may be going. It affirms to me, that although it does not always seem direct, the journey is drawing us home to that brilliant Sun, alive at the centre of every atom of life. And as I look around the labyrinth – although apparently alone, a myriad of faces, figures, smiles and graces surround me and find their place in my labyrinth which intersects with their own, labyrinth as they too upon their journey are spiralling, becoming and returning home…

By Ruth Rose


One thought on “Labyrinth Journey

  1. Hi Ruth

    I love the labyrinth story on your website. Would you be interested in the photo’s and story being included in the next edition of our labyrinths matter newsletter? The e-letter can be downloaded from a website in USA. It is filed under the “resources” section at the top of the page.


    Lorraine Rodda
    Australian Representative of The Labyrinth Society, Inc
    6 Boathaven Grove
    San Remo Victoria

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